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Oriental Calligraphy and Painting -Complete Set for beginners

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This calligraphy and painting  set for beginners ,  contains all that you need to get started with the Oriental  Art of handwriting or painting. 

Includes the following items for practicing korean calligraphy/art of painting in your own such as

-2 brushes( 0,7 mm the tip).

-1 Ink stick (it is used to grind with some water on a special ink tray to produce ink  until  the desidered amount of colour blending is reached).

-1 little tray to use as support for making the ink with the ink stick and water.

-1 brush holder/rest.

-1 cloth .

-1 bowl  to put inside water.

- 1 bottled ink as alternative of ink stick.

- 1 sheet of practice paper. 

All is packaged in a  storage-case



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