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  • korean bookmark-...


    Colorful and Metal bookmark in the motif of the Korean flag. 

  • South-korean Flag


    Handheld Korean flag used at sports matches, cultural events; A must for anyone who likes Korean culture, or for who is looking for a traditional korean symbol to show in a taewondo competion or in a cultural festival absolutely South Korea - themed. Thanks to a pole, this flag is easy to use!

  • Dolhareubangs di Jeju...


    Dolhareubangs, are large mushroom-like statues found on Jeju Island. These 2 pieces in 1 set, are popular souvenirs people can buy in person when they visit Jeju in their touristic journey, but thanks to Dosoguan bookstore, you can buy for yourself or as a gift to a friend.

  • Cute Soju cups


    One set of 5 soju cups in cartoon style!

  • Traditional korean fan...


    korean  taegeuk motif fan; is an original idea to make a gift for a friend , or to put in own home as a decorative item.

  • korean wrapping paper


    This korean wrapping paper depicts the ancient hangeul paper , the first source of korean language : Hunminjeongeum Haerye.

    Perfect to wrap a book as a present or to decorate all you 'd like to have in korean style.

  • A Set of two korean...


    A set of two ballpoint pen that depict scenes from Shin Yun Bok 's korean paintings. In a lovely case wrapped inside with ancient pattern,

    it is a special gift for yourself or others, because it has meaningful symbols of South-Korea culture.

  • Cute and colorful...


    Cute korean ballpoint pens you can use in your study time, to make lovely and funny hours.