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  Dosoguan it’s a South Korea themed bookstore, so it’s exclusively specialized in trade in Korean books , magazines, DVDs, CDs, stationery items, game boards connected to South Korea, fil rouge of the whole bookshop. You ‘ll find here books on miscellaneous subjects essentially in Korean language; available also in english such as in Italian language: textbooks, grammar books, novels, comics, travel guides, or focused on  business administration as much on liberal arts. In addition to topic related to psychology, society, lifestyle , literature and much more besides.

LIVE IN CLOSE CONTACT with Korean language and South Korea in EVERY FIELD.

Dosoguan is the only bookstore in Italy which allows you to have in your hands all that you need to better understand the culture and society of Korean people and delve into its mentality and lifestyle. Furthermore you can go deeper into the study of Korean language from beginner level to advanced as you like: maybe in a strict way if your purpose is barely related to your academic studies or just in a funny and amusing way, if you want to study Korean language in leisure time and for hobby… but pay attention because these 2 different purposes are NOT mutually esclusive because here you can find even many serious grammar textbooks composed in an attractive, clear and colorful style, also  because specifically designed for foreign learners. 

Dosoguan bookstore provides you a path to the full spectrum of Korean learning and reading materials, essays,  kdramas and a lot of stationery goods and much more; it’s your reference point if you study Korean language or just if you are Korea-lover or a kdramas-addicted!


 •    Have you a proclivity to read  a literary genre  or else a sport textbook ?

Your favourite books are  novels?  Don’t confine your passions if they live with the which one for South Korea and korean language in parallel; let them converge on engaging in books eminently suited to you! Dosoguan was born for this purpose: combine your love for South Korea with all of its various aspects to your personal way of being. Therefore don’t overlook your reading preferences even in reading or learning Korean resources, and choose from all genres books sush as music or movies.

Why haven't you yet taken the opportunity to read in source language so many Korean novels or comics?

               Do you know the meaning of the korean world 도서관 from which Dosoguan bookstore take the name? It’s translated as "library "; in a wide sense, Dosoguan wants to offer you the opportunity to creare in your home your personal library South-Korea and korean language themed.


   Dosoguan is your reference point to connect you to South Korea,

              known as “The land of morning calm”.