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Architecture & Design

  • Inside Korea-...


    Korea at a Glance! It' s an exhaustive essay about South-Korea. No matter your field of expertise,  inside this book, you can find every topic . Read better in the description.

  • Sketches of Korea


    A book in English Language, that provide you with a lot of information on Korean culture and society, in a easy and illustrated form: How Much Do You Think You Know about Korea? Get a glimpse of the many faces of Korea !

  • Traditional Korean...


    Traditional Korean Painting, the 27th book in The Spirit of Korean Cultural Roots series, explores the history of Korean painting. In doing so, it gives an overview of the changes and developments in Korean painting through the ages, from prehistoric to modern times, by looking at the major trends and the philosophical and stylistic characteristics according to period.

  • The Spirit of Korean...


    In English with colour illustrations.