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Psychology & Philosophy

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  • Traditional Painting -...


    In English language : Korean painting reveals a connectivity with nature that parallels the Korean traditional world view. Living in a dramatic landscape of rugged peaks, deep valleys and broad rivers, Koreans...

  • Sketches of Korea


    A book in English Language, that provide you with a lot of information on Korean culture and society, in a easy and illustrated form: How Much Do You Think You Know about Korea? Get a glimpse of the many faces of Korea !

  • 매일 심리학 공부


    매일 심리학 공부 is a korean psychological book for useful self-help tips to apply daily.

  • 너는 사랑이라...


    Hwang Jin Yi is widely regarded as one of the leading 시조 poets. Her works focused on love and longing and its universal meanings are useful to better understand what Love is.

  • 어쩌다 보니...


    어쩌다 보니 50살이네요 : a fresh essay with a few nuggets of wisdom, precious advice when you 'll be 50 years old.

  • 나는 나로...


     this book is for people who do not even have time to worry about "who I am" or  look back at "me" in past times, but for who is going  to live as a real 'me',  or not have time to worry about being insecure or find at any cost  do not be disturbed by someone's words, and moreover, do not mistake them for your own problems, but understand better what we need most , to live on our own.

  • L'altra faccia di un...


    *In Italian edition*