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한국어능력시험 is a korean exam that certificates your korean knowledge and skills.

Here some useful books to help you to pass the exams without hesitation and with a high score!

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  • Korean Grammar in Use-...


    The second Volume of Korean Grammar in Use series - (korean intermediate level).

  • Korean Grammar in Use-...


    Korean Grammar in Use- advanced- textbook + CD

  • 프로 비즈니스...


    This Korean textbook aims at foreign learners who major in a business department in college or foreigners who intend to work at a trading company related to Korea...*Book in korean Language*

  • New TOPIK MASTER Final...


    Latest publication on April of this current year( 2017): 듣기 Listening and 읽기 Reading section. Study on this book to 

  • 생활 속 한국문화 -


    This book in manhwa style, has the aim to introduce Korea Culture through -day by day- the eyes of  two foreigners living in Korea. The main vocabulary is presented in English, such as in Japanese and Chinese translation

  • 토픽 끝판왕 -...


    Book to pass the TOPIK test

    -Based on analysis of the new trend of the TOPIK’s reading, listening and writing tests;

    -Helpful guidance and strategies for the learners to approach the TOPIK tests;

    -Complete explanations of the texts and the questions for the...

  • 토픽Ⅱ 대비...


    토픽Ⅱ 대비 중급 듣기 · 말하기 + Files mp3 : the book provides you with Listening & Speaking skills you need to pass the TOPIK tests.

  • Korean Listening...


    This book consists various listening tasks using authentic materials , the basic level students with basic language skills can apply these to real-life situations through task-based learning.