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Would you like to learn the korean language?

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Dosoguan bookstore can provides you with a range of opportunities in learning the  Korean language  without giving up your freedom to read your favourite kind of books...

If you was perplexed on where to start untill now , and if you consider yourself a new learner of the korean language,

here you can find a plenty of books and exercises with CDs included, to learn korean properly and step by step.


Infographic could be helpful to choose the right books to start with...

Dosoguan bookstore can provides you with a range of opportunities in learning the  Korean language  without giving up your freedom to read your favourite kind of books like novels or illustrated comic strips in the meantime, for example in the case in which you usually read this genre in  daily life.

Different kind of books in Korean can enrich your Korean reading skills , surely this helps you to memrise vocabulary… not only in the sense of “new words you’ll encounter studying a new language as it’s Korean for us, but even in the meaning of “ words specific to a field “.

To better understand, in 프로 비즈니스 한국어 1 PRO BUSINESS KOREAN you can master "trade or specific work-related glossary" !

 Books and textbooks cover lots of grammar structure in korean writing and come  as a support to all learners of the Korean writing system: KYUNGHEE KOREAN WRITING 2 for example,  contains  instructive, easy to follow, tips to practice Korean writing system in every situation based on Korean knowledge according to your starting level and your plans.

If you’re a self-taught person you can make it successfully on your own too, thanks to grammar or textbooks specifically designed to be use for. Best features are: good explanations, useful vocabulary and a variety of practice exercises.

One of the best way to learn properly korean and speak it fluently is by reading books in the source language and listening a lot of  audio materials , watching movies or kdramas  in the korean language by listening authentic content from native speakers.


Let’s start from the beginning!

Specific books  targets those who have no reading knowledge of the Korean alphabet (Hangeul) : through a lot of practice exercises, activities and fun contens like games, these textbooks are really an enjoyable way to learn how to listen to, pronounce, read, and write the Korean language. 

From source language, authentic and useful books on korean idiomatic expressions and proverbs are best textbooks to use if you are going to improve your korean knowledge even in cultural topics; the ideal resources if you have already got an intermediate or advanced level. Idioms give you interesting insights into South Korea 's way of thinking.

This could be your time to learn korean from every point of view!

korean-grammar and textbooks for learners of Korean are precious if you want to go deeper into the study of Korean language from beginner level to advanced as you like: maybe in a strict way if your purpose is barely related to your academic studies, or just in a funny and amusing way, if you want to study Korean language in leisure time and for hobby.

TOPIK is a korean exam that certificates your korean knowledge and skills.

TEXTBOOKS on TOPIK : useful and recent books come in handy if you ‘re preparing to pass the exams without hesitation and with a high score.


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