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Arirang-Korean-Basics-libro-facile coreano-Dosoguan-libreria
  • Arirang-Korean-Basics-libro-facile coreano-Dosoguan-libreria

Arirang Korean Basics 1 + CD

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Studiare coreano - Libro con CD Audio

Ecco il primo volume della serie! (In Lingua inglese) I contenuti sono stati originariamente trasmessi su " Let's Speak Korean " per il canale  Arirang TV ; le nozioni grammaticali sono spiegate in maniera semplice e amichevole come nel popolare show!


Your companion to Let's Speak Korean on arirang TV.


Contents originally aired on " Let's Speak Korean " for Arirang TV: You, too, can speak basic korean conversation by watching " Let's Speak Korean " , studying Arirang korean Basics and the CD that's included, and then by reviewing what you've learned on the internet.

• Korean grammar explained in an easy, friendly manner.

• 65 units on topics ranging from " Hello, " " Where's the supermarket?, and " May I try this on? " to " You've dialed the wrong number,. " and " Umm, would you please take my picture? " 

• Each chapter focuses on simple, actual conversational phrases from daily life, making it easy for you to learn frequently occurring expressions.

• The 'More Expressions' section in each chapter gives you extra hints for real situations.

• 'Korean Insight', a section included in each chapter, makes learning about Korean culture fun and easy.​


Watch the Arirang Tv program " Let's Speak Korean " to get the most out of this book. Program segments may be viewed at Arirangtv official site or its official accounts on the web.

Table of Contents



How to Use This Book

Unit 1 안녕하세요? Hello.

Unit 2 친구입니다. This is my friend.

Unit 3 내일 만나요. See (you) tomorrow.

Unit 4 여기는 방이에요. This is a room.

Unit 5 슈퍼가 어디예요? Wheres the supermarket?

Unit 6 우유 있어요? Do you have milk?

Unit 7 어디 있어요? Where is it?

Unit 8 이거 얼마예요? How much is this?

Unit 9 저건 얼마예요? How much is that?

Unit 10 다섯 주세요. Please give me five.

Unit 11 지금 시예요? What time is it?

Unit 12 시에 만날까요? What time should we meet?

Unit 13 무슨 요일에 수영장에 가요? What day of the week do you go to the swimming pool?

Unit 14 언제 한국에 왔어요? When did you come to Korea?

Unit 15 어디에서 봤어요? Where did you see him/her?

Unit 16 점심 먹었어요? Have you had lunch?

Unit 17 먹을까요? What should we eat? ...

Unit 18 불고기하고 냉면 주세요. Please give me bulgogi and naengmyeon.

Unit 19 정말 맛있어요. Its really delicious.

Unit 20 여기 주세요. Please give me water.

Unit 21 드릴까요? Can I give you more water?

Unit 22 고추장은 주세요. Please leave out the hot pepper paste.

Unit 23 먹겠습니다. Bon appetite.

Unit 24 저는 고기 먹어요. I dont eat meat.

Unit 25 무슨 음식 좋아해요? What dishes do you like?

Unit 26 쇼핑 거예요. Im going to go shopping.

Unit 27 청바지하고 모자 거예요. Im going to buy jeans and a hat.

Unit 28 이거 입어 봐도 돼요? May I try this on?

Unit 29 있어요? Do you have anything bigger?

Unit 30 이게 마음에 들어요. I like this one.

Unit 31 이게 예쁘죠? This ones prettier, isnt it?

Unit 32 이거로 할게요. Ill have this one.

Unit 33 정말 싸네요. Thats really cheap.

Unit 34 카드 돼요? Do you take credit cards?

Unit 35 모자 사러 가요. Lets go to buy a hat.

Unit 36 택시로 가요. I go by taxi.

Unit 37 집에 혼자 있어요? Can you go home by yourself?

Unit 38 여기에서 얼마나 걸려요? How far is it from here?

Unit 39 택시 어디서 타요? Where should I catch a taxi?

Unit 40 집에 들어가면 전화하세요. Call me when you get home.

Unit 41 거기 리사 집이죠? Is this Lisas house?

Unit 42 , 전데요. Yes, thats me.

Unit 43 잠깐만 기다리세요. Please wait a moment.

Unit 44 잘못 거셨어요. Youve dialed the wrong number.

Unit 45 거기 2345-6789 아니에요? Is this not 2345-6789?

Unit 46 과장님 부탁합니다. Please let me speak to department director Kim.

Unit 47 메모 남기시겠어요? Will you leave him/her a message?

Unit 48 리사 집에 있어요? Is Lisa at home?

Unit 49 전화 받아 주세요. Please get the phone.

Unit 50 크게 말씀해 주세요. Please speak a little louder.

Unit 51 남산에 있어요? Have you ever been to Namsan?

Unit 52 지하철로 가면 금방이에요. Its right there if you go by subway.

Unit 53 시간쯤 걸릴 거예요. It should take about an hour.

Unit 54 갈아타야 돼요. You have to transfer once.

Unit 55 호선을 타야 돼요? What subway line do I have to take?

Unit 56 거기서 호선으로 갈아타야 돼요? What number subway line do I have to transfer to from there?

Unit 57 별로 복잡하지 않아요. Its not that complicated.

Unit 58 나가면 바로 보여요. Its visible right after you exit (the station).

Unit 59 그런데 출구로 나가요? By the way, what number station exit should I go out of?

Unit 60 남산에 가려면 어느 쪽으로 나가야 돼요? Which way do I have to exit to go to Namsan?

Unit 61 이렇게 늦었어요? Why are you late?

Unit 62 이십 분쯤 됐어요. Its been about twenty minutes since I came.

Unit 63 어디부터 갈까요? What should we go first?

Unit 64 여기서 사진 찍고 가요. Lets take a picture here.

Unit 65 , 사진 찍어 주시겠어요? Umm, would you please take my picture?









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