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I Love korean 1 Student's Book 사랑해요 한국어 1

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<I love Korean 1> is a textbook for adult learners who have no knowledge of korean. 

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The series of short-term (about 60 hours) Korean textbooks developed by the Seoul National University Language Education Center aim to enable adult learners to acquire basic Korean language skills in a short period of time.

ㆍ 주제 및 기능 중심적 교수요목을 바탕으로 일상생활에서 사용하는 실제적이고 기본적인 내용으로 구성

Comprised of practical and basic contents used in everyday life based on topic and function- oriented teaching objectives.

ㆍ 체계적인 어휘와 문법 및 표현 학습이 이루어지도록 구성

Structured to provide systematic vocabulary, grammar and expression learning.

ㆍ 의사소통 기능을 통합적으로 활용할 수 있는 다양한 과제와 활동을 제공

Designed to provide a variety of tasks and activities which utilize integrated communication skills.

ㆍ 수업의 구조와 학습자를 고려한 단원 체계로 구성

Comprised of a unit system that takes into account the structure of the class and the learner.

ㆍ 듣기, 말하기, 읽기, 쓰기를 통합적으로 활용할 수 있는 능력을 기르도록 구성

Designed to cultivate learner’s ability to integrate listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

ㆍ 실제적이고 흥미 있는 학습이 가능하도록 다양한 삽화와 사진 등 시각 자료를 풍부하게 제공

Designed to include a wealth of visuals, such as illustration and photograph for authentic and interesting learning.

ㆍ 문법에 대한 자세한 설명을 제시하여 수업용 교재로서뿐만 아니라 자율 학습용 교재로서도 사용이 가능하도록 구성

Designed for classroom use as well as for self-study through providing an in-depth explanation of the grammar.


<I love Korean 1>  consists of unitis 1-2 to learn consonants, vowels, and greetings and units 3-7 for full-scale korean language learning. These are 9 units (18 lessons) total. The main topic is divided into two sub-sections. Each lesson is a 3-4 hour class. In the case of unit 3-7, the lessons are comprised of topic related vocabulary and core expressions, speaking and listening activities, and tasks. At the end of each lesson, reading and writing activities are presented.


The primary goal of this series of books is to develop basic korean communication skills for adult learners who have no knowledge of korean language. Learners will reach this goal by learning the korean alphabet and pronunciation and acquiring abilities to compose and use language that applies to everyday topics and functions .


These books have the following Characteristics:

-First, the curriculum is based on the model  of the International Standard Curriculum of korean Language and reflects social and cultural changes. 

-Second, based on topic and function-oriented reaching objectives, the classes were designed to mirror real life with practical problem-solving tasks used in everyday life. 

-Third, each unit is comprised of two lessons so that various functions can be practiced thoroughly enough on one topic. Each lesson is designed for a 3 to 4 hours class.

-Fourth, as the introduction phase for each lesson, the topik vocabulary is presented with a picture of the situation so that systematic and effective vocabulary learning can be achieved. This allow learners to infer what they are going to learn and to prepare for it.

-Fifth, sufficient meaningful practice is provided to enable grammar learning not only to accumulate language knowledge, but also to learn and utilize the function of the grammar.

-Sixth, functional exercises are provided to improve the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing . Skill-integrated exercises are also organized to closely link spoken and written language learning from the beginning.

-Seventh, all instructions, new vocabulary and text presented in the textbook were translated into English so English-fluent learners can understand them easily . In addition, a detailed explanation of the grammar is provided in both Korean and English so that it can be helpful for teachers who teach korean as well as learners. 


머리말 Preface

일러두기 How to Use This Book

교재 구성표 Scope and Sequence

등장인물 Characters

1단원 한글 Hangeul

1과 한글 배우기 (1) Learning Hangeul (1)

2과 한글 배우기 (2) Learning Hangeul (2)

2단원 기본 한국어 Basic Korean

1과 한글 배우기 (3) Learning Hangeul (3)

2과 교실 한국어와 인사 Classroom Korean and Greetings

3단원 소개 Introductions

1과 저는 미국 사람이에요 I’m American

2과 팅팅 씨는 학생이에요? Ting-Ting, are you a student?

4단원 물건 Items and Objects

1과 이거는 뭐예요? What is this?

2과 휴지가 있어요? Do you have any tissues?

5단원 음식과 주문 Food and Ordering

1과 오렌지 주스 주세요 Please give me some orange juice

2과 비빔밥하고 콜라 한 병 주세요

Please give me two bowls of bibimbap and a bottle of cola

6단원 일상생활 Daily Life

1과 지금 뭐 해요? What are you doing?

2과 어디에 가요? Where do you go?

7단원 쇼핑 Shopping

1과 뭐가 맛있어요? What tastes delicious?

2과 얼마예요? How much is it?

8단원 시간과 날짜 Time and Date

1과 지금 몇 시예요? What time is it now?

2과 시험이 며칠이에요? Which day is the test on?

9단원 날씨와 생활 Weather and Life

1과 오늘 날씨가 추워요 It’s cold today

2과 어디에 있어요? Where is it?

부록 Appendix




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198 g
Snupress; Seoul National University Language Education Center

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