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korean-made-easy-starter-libro- coreano-grammatica
  • korean-made-easy-starter-libro- coreano-grammatica

Studiare coreano da autodidatta "Korean made easy - Starter" Libro+ CD - Imparare l'alfabeto coreano

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Studiare coreano da autodidatta - è il libro di grammatica coreana con CD ideale per chi parte da zero!

Si inizia con l’hangeul ( l’alfabeto coreano) ; si imparerà a scriverlo, leggerlo e pronunciarlo, ottenendo un quadro completo delle basi introduttive della lingua.

Il testo è ricco di esercizi quiz e giochi; il tutto stimola l'acquisizione di capacità relative all'ascolto e alla lettura.


Libro per Imparare il Coreano

About This Book

Korean Made Easy-Starter targets those who have no reading knowledge of the Korean alphabet (Hangeul). Through various practice exercises, activities, and games, this book provides an enjoyable way to learn how to listen to, pronounce, read, and write Hangeul. The ultimate goal of Korean Made Easy-Starter is to equip learners with the necessary expressions needed in everyday situations. Although it is the third book published in the Korean Made Easy series, this book lays the foundation for Korean Made Easy for Beginners, so I hope it will be received as a welcome must-have for absolute beginners of Korean.


• This book consists of an introduction, ten chapters of lessons, and twenty-four useful expressions. The introduction aims to explain how Korean differs from English and to foster an understanding of the distinguishing characteristics of the Korean language before learners begin their study of Hangeul.


• Each lesson chapter is divided into five steps (Let’s Warm Up!, Let’s Study!, Reading Activity!, Writing Activity!, and Quiz Yourself!) that contain plenty of practice exercises and audio components, so learners can study Korean easily by simply following this systematic structure.


• In addition, twenty-four useful expressions that are necessary to know in everyday life are provided on cards with situation pictures and were designed for learners to carry and use in appropriate situations.

Table of Contents


머리말 Preface

책의 구성과 활용 How to Use This Book

교재 구성표

차례 Table of Contents



Part 1 Introduction to Hangeul

Part 2 Characteristics of Korean Vowels Consonants 

Part 3 Characteristics of Korean Sentences


Lesson Chapters

Chapter 1 Six Basic Vowels l   

Chapter 2 Three Basic Consonants   

Chapter 3 Six Basic Consonants    

Chapter 4 Final Consonants     

Chapter 5 Four [y] Vowels   

Chapter 6 Two Basic Vowels & Two [y] Vowels  

Chapter 7 Four Aspirated Consonants

Chapter 8 Seven Compound Vowels     

Chapter 9 Five Tensed Consonants   

Chapter 10 Final Consonants & Double Final Consonants


Final Review



Answers to  Exercises (Solutions are given)

Listening Script 



Twenty-four Useful Expression Cards​



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18 x 25 cm
0,42 kg
Seung-eun Oh

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