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이화 한국어 1-1 -영어판 - edizione inglese-coreana + CD-libro Ewha

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Libro di grammatica coreana di base Ewha 

dell'Università Ewha - 이화  per chi inizia da zero con la lingua coreana.



Ewha Korean is a comprehensive textbook covering the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing with related content throughout all levels. While fostering balanced development of the four language skills, the new textbook is designed with an emphasis on speaking ability. The “Try it” section in each chapter is designed to encourage students to improve their conversation skills without memorization by creating their own dialogue according to a given situation and explanation of the flow of the dialogue and vocabulary. In addition, taking into consideration the demands and preferences expressed by students, levels 1 to 3 consist of two books each, and in levels 1 and 2 the instructions and explanations are given in English, Japanese, or Chinese.


Ewha Korean 1-1 covers Units 1~7 and Ewha Korean 1-2 covers Units 8~15.

Unit 1 "The Korean Language and Hangeul" gives a basic introduction to Korean alphabet and the structure of Korean sentences.

From Unit 2, each chapter is divided into four parts : Parts 1,2,3, and "Culture & Literature". Parts 1,2, and 3 cover grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing, while "Culture & Literature" explores Korean culture and gives students an introduction to literary works.​

 Table of contents

책을 펴내면서 Preface 

교재 구성표 Table of Contents 

교재 구성과 사용법 How to Use This Book 

주요 인물 Main Characters 

제1과 한국어와 한글 Korean and Hangeul 

제2과 소개 Introductions 

제3과 학교생활 School Life 

제4과 집 Home 

제5과 하루 일과 Daily Schedule 

제6과 주말 Weekend 

제7과 가족 Family 

듣기 지문 및 정답 Listening Script and Answer 

찾아보기 Index 


Scheda informativa

Anno di Pubblicazione
257*188 mm
266 g
Ewha Women's University Press
Ewha Language Center

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