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The Story of Kongjwi and Patjwi + QR CODE

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korean literary masterpiece adapted using  modern-day Korean + Qr Code



The “Darakwon Korean Readers” series is comprised of books that recompose classic Korean literary works to match the reading levels of students from beginner to advanced levels (A1~C2) so students can easily increase their Korean reading comprehension skills in a fun way.

The second literary work in this series, “The Story of Kongjwi and Patjwi,” adapts a classic Korean novel about a kind protagonist who is tormented by her stepmother and stepsister, but overcomes her difficulties in the end. As students enjoy reading this story, they can naturally become familiar with vocabulary words and expressions that are essential for the beginner level.

In addition, through explanations about the historical background, students can understand the culture of that time period. Not only can students read the content, they can also listen to it by scanning QR codes to hear recordings of professional voice actors reading the story. Students can also use the English translations of the story and questions in the appendix at the end of the book to check their reading comprehension skills.

▪ The “Darakwon Korean Readers” series adapts classic Korean tales into modern Korean suitable for beginner to advanced levels. Each book presents vocabulary words and expressions that align with the standards of the International Standard Curriculum for Korean Language and Korean Language Education Vocabulary Content Development. Students can have fun as they easily read and understand each story.

▪ English translations of vocabulary words that are necessary for understanding the story are presented at the bottom of each page, as well as additional English explanations about grammar, expressions, and cultural background, allowing students to concentrate on reading without using a dictionary. In addition, students can easily check an English translation of the entire story in the appendix of the book.

▪ Students can listen to lively recordings done by professional voice actors by scanning the QR code on each page of the story. By looking at illustrations of the story’s main scenes and listening to the voice recordings, students can not only improve their listening skills, they can also vividly understand the emotions of the characters.

▪ Using a variety of questions in the book’s appendix, students can check their reading comprehension and practice sentence structures and vocabulary words that they should know for each corresponding level. In addition, students can compare various cultural situations with Korean culture through thought expansion questions based on the content of the story.  

머리말 Preface 2

일러두기 How to Use This Book 4

작품 소개 Introduction to the Story 6

배경 어휘 Background Vocabulary 10

1 딸 콩쥐 The Daughter Kongjwi 11

2 새어머니와 팥쥐 The Stepmother and Patjwi 14

3 마을잔치 The Village Banquet21

4 원님의 아내 The Village Magistrate’s Wife 30

5 팥쥐의 비밀 Patjwi’s Secret37

6 선물 The Gift42

부록 Appendix

내용 이해하기 Reading Comprehension 48

모범 답안 Answers 60

본문 번역 Text Translations 62


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Kim Yu Mi, Bae Se Eun

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