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New Yonsei Korean Listening and Reading 1-1

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New Yonsei Korean Listening and Reading 1 -English Version-Textbook is written in Korean; The Translation of Contents into English you'll find  in the Supplement Book/ Bonus Book inside this textbook.


This newly published New Yonsei Korean Language Series is comprised of six levels with each level consisting of textbooks for Vocabulary & Grammar, Speaking & Writing, and *Listening & Reading.****They can also be used as individual textbooks according to the given conditions of the educational field or learner needs.

*The Listening & Reading textbook is organized by listening and reading activities to foster appropriate comprehension skills according to each level.  

*The Listening & Reading Textbook is intended to develope the ability to listening and reading Korean Language which is appropriate to a beginner 's level of study.

*There are 20 units in the book. Each unit consists of 2 sections. One review section is added after every 2 units. You  will find Hangul (Korean Alphabet) on the beginning pages of the book and the introduction of korean culture is included in every 2 units. You can work through 50 sections in total. Each one is organized as a 50 minutes lesson.

* Each section of the book is written in the following 5 phases: "Let's prepare", "Let's Read","Let's Listen", "Let's Repeat, "Let's Summarize. "Let's Prepare " helps the learners to prepare before working on the reading and listening activities. It covers the essential vocabulary for the section. To assist learners to better understand the vocabulary, each word is presented in sentences in contexts.

"Let's Read" focuses on improving reading comprehension skills in everyday life .The main reading materials comprise of memos, instructions and notices.

-QR Code next to each title section helps an easy access to the audio contents.

-Appendix Section : Answers keys +  Vocabulary Index.

-Translations for the Reading materials, the transcripts and the translations of Listening materials are in the Supplement Book/ Bonus Book that is detachable.







1과 인사와 소개

2과 물건

3과 학교

4과 친구

5과 고향

6과 학교생활

7과 음식

8과 하루 생활

9과 주말

10과 지난 일

부록 모범 답안(교재)


별책 언어별 번역


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