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Taekwondo-book: Uhm Woon Kyu - A single path of 70 years, The Pioneer of Modern Taekwondo's Foundation

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Book: Uhm Woon Kyu - A single path of 70 years, The Pioneer of Modern Taekwondo's Foundation

- in bilingual edition : Korean & English


Uhm Woon Kyu's nickname was "Sliding Side Kick God," due to his unmatched ability with that technique...

Part 1 - Entry to Taekwondo

UHM WOON KYU’s Childhood

Entry to Taekwondo

Meeting Instructor Lee Won-guk

Training Spirit of Chung Do Kwan

Invention of the Dwidollyeo-chagi and Ttwieo Yeop-chagi

Opening the Jung Do Kwan and Operational Support

Inauguration and Resignation with Son Deok-seong, Head of Kwan

Part 2 - The Road of a Taekwondo Leader

Military Taekwondo Instructor

Instructor of the Chung Do Kwan

Inauguration as the 3rd Kwan Head of the Chung Do Kwan

Part 3 - Unification of the Taekwondo Kwans

Foundation of Taekwondo Central Dojangs

Flooding of the Taekwondo Kwans

Controversy of the Chung Do Kwan’s Branch Kwans

Disputes on the Chung Do Kwan’s Opening

State of the Taekwondo Unification Era

Implementing the Unification of Taekwondo

Foundation of the Korea Taesudo Association

Election of the First President of the Korea Taesudo Association

Unification of Taekwondo Dan Promotion Tests

The Affiliation of Korea Taesudo Association to the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee

Organizations of Taekwondo Regional Associations

Hosting of the First Official Tournament

Establishment of Taekwondo Terminology

Renaming the Korea Taekwondo Association

Foundation of the International Taekwon-do Federation by Choi Hong-hi

Establishment of Poomsae

Part 4 - Establishment of the Foundation of Taekwondo and Globalization

Recruitment of President Kim Un-yong

First Publication of Taekwondo Bulletin ??Taekwondo??

Search for Means to Improve Taekwondo Instruction Methods

Organizing Groups of Korea Taekwondo Association

Construction of Central Dojang Kukkiwon

Opening of the World Taekwondo Championships

Foundation of the World Taekwondo Federation

World Taekwondo Federation Joins IOC

Overseas Dispatch of Taekwondo Masters

Establishment of Poom

Designation of Official Taekwondo Doboks

Foundation of School Federation

Complete Unification of Kwan Names

Part 5 - Life as a Taekwondo Administrator

Foundation of Seoul City Taekwondo Association

The Social Purification Movement and UHM WOON KYU’s Crisis

Sponsoring the 1986 Seoul Asian Games and the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics

Attraction of Sports Instructor Training Institute and Opening of the Kukkiwon Memorial Hall

Rumors of Candidacy as 17th President of the Korea Taekwondo Association

Urged to Resign by the New Millennium Taekwondo Conference

‘April 16 Student Demonstration’ and Pressures to Resign

Inauguration as 2nd President of Kukkiwon

Acquitted of Suspicion from Illegal Issuance of Dan Certificates and Budget Embezzlement

Establishment of Cooperative Systems between Taekwondo Groups

Resignation as President of Kukkiwon

Part 6 -On the Other Line of Taekwondo

Was Recommending Kang Won-sik as Kukkiwon President the Right Decision?

Did the Kukkiwon Elderly Council Foundation Properly?

Was the Transition to Special Corporation the Right Choice?

It the Taekwondo Academy Operating Properly?

Does His Life with Taekwondo Deserve the Honor?

Looking Back on the Traces of the Late Lee Jong-u, Taekwondo’s Future Must Look Back His Footsteps

Part 7- UHM WOON KYU as Seen by His Juniors and Disciples


Data sheet

Publication Year
Ottobre 2017
225*150 mm
363 g

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