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100 Days Vocab Challenge (Paperback)

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Carro’s 100 Days Korean Vocab Challenge Paperback - 100 Days, 100 Word Sheets, 14 Vocabulary Terms per sheet. Paperback


Carro is challenging you! 100 Days, 100 Word Sheets, 14 Vocabulary Terms per sheet.

Carro’s 100 Days Korean Vocab Challenge is a supplementary material to Korean For All textbook,

a chance to take your Korean learning one step further.

Soo and her brother SooHwan recorded the pronunciation of all the words in this book:

Soo Korean

YouTube / TikTok : Soo Korean

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Expand your Korean vocabulary with 100 Topic based Word Sheets. You can choose to complete 1 Word Sheet per day or if life gets too busy, perhaps you can try memorizing 2 words a day and finish 1 Word Sheet per week. Anything goes, as long you keep working on it! The Word Sheets’ difficulty level increases slightly as you progress to the final sections.


Practice your Hangeul writing skills by repeatedly writing down the terms.

Memorizing new words is essential but you also need to put this knowledge to use! For that very purpose, we have included Crossword Puzzles and Word Quizzes for every 10 Units. That way you can revise the vocabulary terms and see them used in sentences.


At the end of the challenge, you will have enriched your Korean vocabulary by over 1400 key-words and phrases that you can mix and match in your daily conversations.

★ To keep your motivation and interest in learning Korean

We upload free learning materials on Soo’s YouTube channel based on the books.

You can also check the audio of the words here.

YouTube @Soo Korean


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Soo Korean and Soo Hwan

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