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Korean Calligraphy and Painting Set-Han Seok-bong

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This calligraphy and painting korean set for beginner, made in South Korea, an all-in-one box set. The tools that you need to get started with the korean art of handwriting or painting.On the front side the depicted name of 한석봉 Han Seok-bong, like a popular artist from the past, very well-known in South Korea.

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This calligraphy and painting korean set for beginner, made in South Korea, contains all that you need to get started with the Korean Art of handwriting or painting. 

Includes the following items for practicing korean calligraphy/art of painting in your own such as

-2 brushes(1 in big size, the other one comes in small size).

-1 Ink stick (it is used to grind with some water on a special ink tray to produce ink  until  the desidered amount of colour blending is reached).

-1 little tray to use as support for making the ink with the ink stick and water.

-1 brush holder/rest.

-1 cloth .

-1 bowl  to put inside water.

- 1 bottled ink as alternative of ink stick.

-1 bamboo paper .

-1 paper weight.

- 1 sheet of practice paper. 

All is packaged in a  storage-case with handle, ideal for travel - easy to put away and carry around due to the compact design. 

Brush tip measures are approximately one of big size ,and the other one comes in a little size; about the use of the Ink stick, it has to be ground with water on an inkstone/ink tray .

-These  things come in a traditional korean style case, with depicted the word 한석봉 Han Seok-bong, like a popular artist from the past, very well-known in South Korea.

A great gift for korean lovers or for korean calligraphy learners.

-Calligraphy-Box Measures are about 37cm x 27cm.


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37cm x 27cm

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