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-A self-teaching Korean language guide for beginners to pre-intermediates: from Korean alphabet, Workbook, Vocabulary List, Test with answers included.


-Simplified Korean grammar textbook for speaking related to real life conversation.

-Recorded audio files can be found where indicated inside the textbook.

Editorial Reviews

Song Won's Korean Grammar for Speaking is the quintessential text for learning how to speak and write Korean.

An informative, easy-to-understand textbookKorean Grammar for Speaking is methodically organized and broken down into separate units. In the beginning, students will build a foundation by learning how to read, write, and pronounce Hangul (the Korean alphabet). From there, students will learn everything from the counting systems and present tense verbs, to more complex and complicated grammatical concepts. Within each unit, there will be vocabulary lists, a wide variety of practice problems, and end-of-unit quizzes. This comprehensive language learning textbook will have you speaking, reading, and writing Korean in no time! Along with Korean grammar, this textbook will teach students important vocabulary words that are useful in many common, everyday situations. It will also highlight Korean slang and colloquialisms, as well. Song Won's language learning method is different from classic, traditional textbooks. This book will have students thinking and responding organically in Korean. The goal of Korean Grammar for Speaking is to make students fluent in Korean within six months. Although learning Korean will be a challenge, it's a challenge that will reward students many times over. * Recorded audio files for each page to download where indicated inside the textbook.


1과 ~ 5과 한글 읽기 및 쓰기

6과 ~8과 숫자 읽기 및 쓰기

9 to be (은/는, 예요/이에요)

10 to be (은/는, 예요/이에요)

11 I do (해요)

12 Particles (을/를, 이/가) 

13 I do (Formal) 합니다

14 Not, Can't, Well (안, 못, 잘)

15 랑/이랑, 하고, 그리고

16 하고 있어요

17 하는 중이에요

18 했어요

19 그리고

20 그래서

21 그런데

22 할 거예요

23 할게요

24 에/에서

25 부터/까지, 에서/까지

26 하고 나서, 한 다음에, 한 후에

27 하기 전에, 하는 동안

28 하자마자

29 하고 싶다

30 하기 싫다

31 해 주세요

32 해 주시겠어요

33 해야 되다

34 안 해도 되다

35 해도 되다

36 하면 안 되다

37 할래요?

38 할까요?

39 하는 게 어때요

40 할걸요

41 할 수 있다

42 할 줄 알다

43 해 본 적이 있다

44 해 봤다

45 해 보다

46 하네요

47 하지요

48 하는

49 하는 것 같다

50 하세요

51 하지 마세요

52 하니까

53 하시다

54 해 보이다

55 하러

56 하려고 하다

57 할 때

58 하면

59 한대요


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