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Have You Seen a Blue Jindo Dog? + postcards

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It covers the grammar points of the textbooks "Talk to Me in Korean Level Books " from the Level 1 to 5.


Have You Seen a Blue Jindo Dog? is designed specifically for Korean learners. This picture book was produced in collaboration between TalkToMeInKorean and illustrator Jang Sung-won - a.k.a. ‘Kanari Jones’. Friends must rescue Jin! It’s the ‘Jin Expedition’!


Why We Created This Book

Who Co-wrote This Book

What Characters Are in the Story

Chapter 1 앵무 로봇 The Robot Parrots

Chapter 2 하얀 탑 The White Tower

Chapter 3 삽살이의 하얀 공 Sapsal's White Ball

Chapter 4 핑이의 우주선 Ping's Spaceship

Chapter 5 담비의 보물 창고 Dambi's Treasure Storage

Chapter 6 책 읽던 오리 The Duck Who Was Reading a Book

Chapter 7 진이 원정대 The Jin Expedition

Chapter 8 주머니에 깃털이 있는 옷을 입은 남자 The Man with a Feather in His Pocket



-Sung-won Jang is an illustrator who spends way too much time taking photos of his cute cats, Stove and Blanket. He majored in fine arts and currently creates recreational and cultural activities. He also loves engraving and embroidery.

--Everyone has changed since the suspicious robot parrots have come to the village. Our friend &Jin& suddenly goes missing, and the expedition must begin now! A dream team is formed: ‘Sapsal’ with the power to see ghosts, ‘Ping’ with the magic suitcase, ‘Dambi’ the gem collector, and the mysterious duck who appeared out of nowhere! Could they really find Jin and safely bring him back home?

An excellent reading material for beginner and intermediate learners!

- The story only uses beginner and intermediate level vocabulary and grammar

- Translations are provided to aid comprehension

- Lists of vocabulary and grammar are also provided

- Offers an integrated learning experience with online TTMIK memberships!

A story relatable to learners of all ages and backgrounds! The imagination comes to life with engaging illustrations.

- Korean local dogs like Sapsali and Jindo as protagonists.

- It’s food for the brain, and a message towards the system and society!


Data sheet

Publication Year
188*257mm (B5)
장성원,지나인 , talk to me in korean

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