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전래 동화로 배우는 한국어 + CD - Learn korean through the folk tales

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This is a Korean reading textbook that introduces some representative Korean folk tales. Learners can enjoy studying the wide variety of vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, proverbs and grammar points featured in the folk tales. Separate appendix available with English, Chinese, and Japanese translations .


About This Book

 It presents Korean proverbs, idiomatic expressions, vocabulary, and grammar in an interesting format, and helps learners improve their listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities through a variety of activities and lifelike illustrations and audio clips. It helps learners to better understand Koreans and Korean culture. We provide English, Chinese, and Japanese translations for all of the vocabulary, grammar expressions, and main text passages to satisfy the curiosity of learners and allow them to study as correctly and accurately as possible.     


- A new reading textbook that will boost confidence in reading while allowing the reader to imagine the stories through interesting illustrations!


- Learn common Korean idiomatic expressions through traditional fairy tales!

Through traditional fairy tales, readers can learn about Korean culture while also becoming familiar with common Korean idiomatic expressions, such as what it means to be ‘like a tree frog,’ or to ‘act like Nolbu.’ 


- Improve listening comprehension by leaps and bounds through lifelike audio files!

Readers can also improve their listening comprehension by listening to the included audio files recorded by a veteran professional voice actor. 



Explanatory Notes 


Contents Index 

Instructive, Interesting Stories 

Chapter 1 The Story of the Green Frog 

Chapter 2 Three-Year Hill 

Chapter 3 The Lazybones Who Became a Cow 

Chapter 4 The Strange Spring Water 

Mysterious, Fantastical Stories 

Chapter 5 The Lumpy Old Man 

Chapter 6 The Story of Dangun 

Chapter 7 The Golden Axe and the Silver Axe 

Chapter 8 The Sun and the Moon 

Chapter 9 The Fairy and the Woodcutter 

Korean Classical Novels 

Chapter 10 Kongji and Patji 

Chapter 11 Heungbu and Nolbu 

Chapter 12 Dutiful Daughter Shim Cheong 

Chapter 13 The Rabbit’s Liver 

Chapter 14 The Story of Chunhyang 

Chapter 15 The Story of Hong Gildong 


Answer Key 

Vocabulary Index 

Skit Scripts 

Separate Appendix (Translations in English, Japanese, Chinese) 

Grammar and Expression Practice 

Reading to Comprehend


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Soon-lye Kim, Ha-na Kim

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