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Korean Travel Literature

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Korea has a rich legacy of travel literature. This book brings to light a treasure trove of literary works left behind by Koreans on the road, including an eighth-century monk who journeyed to India, the Confucian literati exiled to remote islands, the Joseon diplomatic envoys to China and Japan, and a contemporary female globe trotter. Their writings illuminate fascinating aspects of the spiritual history of the Korean people.


I . Literature from Religious Pilgrimages

1. Hyecho’s Memoir of Journey to India

2. Min Yeong-gyu’s Reflections on Jerusalem

II. Literature from Travelers

1. Literature and Geography of the Joseon Dynasty

2. Pavilions in Travel Literature

3. Records of Tours to Mountains

4. Records of Tours to Mt. Geumgang

5. Travel Stories by a Female Writer

6. Yu Gil-jun’s Journey to the West

III. Literature from Exiles

1. Exiles and Their Destinations

2. Literati Purges and Exiles

3. Banished to Honam

4. Banished to Jeju

5. Banished to Northern Frontiers

6. Parade of Deaths

7. Choe Bu’s Record of Drifting in the Sea

8. Kang Hang’s War Memorials

9. Banished to Foreign Lands

IV. Literature from Diplomatic Missions

1. To China and to the World

2. Nogajae’s Journal of Travel to China

3. Records of Travel to China of the 18th Century

4. Shin Yu-han’s Record of Travel to Japan

V. Modern Travel Literature

1. You Hong-june’s Exploration of Cultural Heritage

2. Han Bi-ya’s Record of Global Trekking



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