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Korean Made Easy for Everyday Life + CD

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This book covers everyday conversations in real life situations!

Up-to-date pratical information on Korean life and culture!



Korean Made Easy for Everyday Life is designed for intermediate-level Korean learners to enhance their speaking abilities beyond their present level. The learners can learn 50 useful expressions in Part1, and they can also learn 24 common situational encounters in Part2. The learners can apply each expression from Part1 in speaking exercises in the <Dialogue> sections in Part2

• The best thing in this book is that it does not only focus on the learning of the Korean expression, but also on the listening, reading, writing, and on applying all of them. 

• This book is structured with dialogue practices and many various features such as, <Grammar in Focus>, <New Vocabulary>, <New Expressions>, <Quiz Yourself>, <Flashback>, <Pronunciation Tip> so that readers can understand and remember better. 

• One can learn a variety of vocabulary and expressions used in authentic materials in Korea. 

• One can apply these to real-life situations through <Try it Out> section.

• <Director's Commentary> section also provides insight and information on the Korean lifestyle and culture.

Book Series that you can buy in Dosoguan:

- Korean made easy - Intermediate

- Korean Made Easy - Starter

- Korean Made Easy for Everyday Life

- Korean Made Easy for Beginners

Table of Contents


How to use this book


Table of Contents

Main Characters


Part 1 50 Useful Expressions

Unit 01  Greeting for the first time

Unit 02  Expressing gratitude and regret

Unit 03  Expressing your thoughts

Unit 04  Responding to others

Unit 05  Greetings in everyday life

Unit 06  Expressions at the dinner table

Unit 07  Congratulating, consoling and encouraging

Unit 08  Talking on the telephone

Unit 09  Expressions when you couldn’t hear clearly

Unit 10  Saying goodbye


Part 2 24 Scenes in Everyday Life

Chapter 1  Beginning your journey in Korea

Scene01 좀 천천히 말해 주세요. Can you please speak slowly?

Scene02 반대쪽에서 타세요. Take this train on the opposite side.

Scene03 외국인이세요? Are you a foreigner?

Scene 04 오른쪽으로 쭉 가면 인사동이에요. 

               If you go straight to the right, Insadong is there. 

Chapter 2  Preparing the necessary items for living in Korea

Scene 05 외국인 등록증을 만들고 싶은데요. 

               I would like to apply for a foreigner registration card. 

Scene 06 얼마나 기다려야 돼요? How long do I need to wait? 

Scene 07 외국인인데, 핸드폰을 만들 수 있어요? 

               I am a foreigner. Can I apply for a cellular phone account? 

Scene 08 부엌하고 방이 따로 있으면 좋겠어요. 

               I would like the kitchen and bedroom to be separate. 

Chapter 3  Making appointments with friends in Korea

Scene09 우리 같이 영화 볼까요? Do you want to see a movie together?

Scene 10 여기가 시끄러워서 잘 안 들려요. 

               I can’t hear you because it is noisy here. 

Scene 11 3시 표는 모두 매진입니다. Tickets for the 3 o’clock movie are sold out. 

Scene 12 매운 음식을 잘 못 먹어요. I can’t eat spicy food. 

Chapter 4 Adapting to life in Korea

Scene 13 더 싼 거 없어요? Is there anything cheaper?

Scene 14 너무 짧지 않게 잘라 주세요. Please try not to cut it too short. 

Scene 15 휴일에도 하지만, 8시까지만 합니다. 

              We’re open during the holidays but only until 8 o’clock. 

Scene 16 어떤 걸로 하시겠어요? Which would you prefer?

Chapter 5 Working out problems

Scene 17 열도 있고 콧물도 나요. I have a fever and a runny nose. 

Scene 18 가격은 같으니까 여기에 사인만 해 주세요. 

               Because the price is the same, you can just sign here

Scene 19 여러 번 해도 안 돼요. I tried it several times, but it still doesn’t work. 

Scene 20 지갑을 잃어버려서 왔는데, 어디에 신고하면 돼요? 

               I am here because I lost my wallet. Where do I need to report it?

Chapter 6 Traveling in Korea

Scene 21 제주도로 가는 비행기 표를 사고 싶은데요. 

               I want to buy an airplane ticket for Jeju island. 

Scene 22 열쇠를 맡아 주시겠어요? Could you keep this key for me? 

Scene 23 사진을 찍을 때 눈을 감았어요. I closed my eyes when the picture was taken. 

Scene 24 경주에 가 봤어요? Have you been to Gyeongju?



Grammar Chart 





Data sheet

Seung-Eun Oh

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