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Arirang_Korean_Basics 2-korean grammar-book-from-Dosoguan
  • Arirang_Korean_Basics 2-korean grammar-book-from-Dosoguan

Arirang Korean Basics 2 + CD

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Korean grammar explained in an easy, friendly manner again in this second book from "Let's Speak Korean " for Arirang TV.


About This Book

In Arirang korean Basics 2 we concentrated on building on the skills you learned in Arirang korean Basics 1. Here again you will find content that is alive and applicable in real-life situations. As in Arirang korean Basics 1, this book is based on the communicative language approach, and we did our best to avoid overemphasizing grammar, keeping as something taught in context. We focused on "fluency" and sought to use language that has authenticity , in order to avoid dialogue that is unnatural.

Contents originally aired on " Let's Speak Korean " for Arirang TV.

• Korean grammar explained in an easy, friendly manner.

• 65 units (Unit 66 through Unit 130) on topics ranging from " Have you caught a cold?, " " Do you have any engagements weekend? " and " It will be a while until I'm done. " to " It will be a while until I'm done, " " Will the weather be nice 

tomorrow, too?, " and " Thank you for teaching me all this time. " 

• Each chapter focuses on simple, actual conversational phrases from 

daily life.

• The 'More Expressions' section in each chapter gives you extra hints for real situations. 

• 'Korean Insight', a section included in each chapter, makes learning about Korean culture fun and easy.



How to Use This Book

Table of Contents


Unit 66 감기 걸렸어요? Have you caught a cold?

Unit 67 머리도 아프고 열도 나요. My head hurts and Ive got a fever.

Unit 68 어제부터 아프기 시작했어요. I started feeling sick yesterday.

Unit 69 오늘은 아파서 회사에 가겠어요. I cant go to work today because Im sick.

Unit 70 많이 좋아졌어요. Im much better.

Unit 71 약은 어떻게 먹어야 돼요? How should I take this medication?

Unit 72 가져올게요. Ill bring some medication.

Unit 73 다친 없어요? Were you not injured?

Unit 74 큰일 뻔했네요. That could have been really bad.

Unit 75 어디 아파요? Are you ill?

Unit 76 눈이 많이 오니까 운전 조심하세요. There is a lot of snow falling so drive carefully.

Unit 77 날씨가 추우니까 밖에 나가지 마세요. The weathers cold so dont go outside.

Unit 78 스키 알아요? Do youknow how to ski?

Unit 79 스키 타요? Do you ski well? ...

Unit 80 좋아하는 운동 있어요? Is there an exercise you like?

Unit 81 수영 잘해요? Do you swim well?

Unit 82 취미가 뭐예요? Whats your hobby?

Unit 83 저는 등산을 좋아해요. I like hiking.

Unit 84 주말에 약속 있어요? Do you have any engagements weekend?

Unit 85 보고 싶어요. Id like to go there.

Unit 86 요즘 가족 생각이 많이 나요. I think about my family a lot these days.

Unit 87 누가 제일 많이 보고 싶어요? Who do you want to see the most?

Unit 88 가족이 어떻게 돼요? Who is in your family?

Unit 89 저기 걸려 있어요. Its hanging over there.

Unit 90 언제 찍은 사진이에요? When was this picture taken?

Unit 91 누구를 닮았어요? Who do you take after?

Unit 92 눈이 어머니와 똑같아요. Your eyes are just like your mothers.

Unit 93 있는 사람이에요. The person standing.

Unit 94 동생이 키가 커요. Your younger sibling is tall.

Unit 95 저보다 많아요. Shes two years older than I.

Unit 96 모자 쓰고 있는 사람이에요. The person wearing a hat.

Unit 97 하려면 멀었어요. It will be a while until Im done.

Unit 98 기분이 좋아 보여요. You look like youre not in a good mood.

Unit 99 내일 시험도 어려울까요? Will tomorrows test be hard, too?

Unit 100 시험 끝나면 거예요? What are you going to do when the test is over?

Unit 101 샤워하느라고 들었어요. I was taking a shower and didnt hear it.

Unit 102 별일 없으면 같이 뮤지컬 봐요. Lets see a musical if you dont have something else to do.

Unit 103 파는 곳이 어디죠? Where are tickets sold?

Unit 104 주말이라서 사람이 많네요. There are a lot of people because its a weekend.

Unit 105 그냥 집에 가야겠어요. Im just going to go home.

Unit 106 가방을 잃어버렸어요. Ive lost my bag.

Unit 107 벌써 번째예요. Its already the third time.

Unit 108 어디에서 잃어버렸는지 모르겠어요. I dont know where I lost it.

Unit 109 잊어버리고 그냥 왔어요. I forgot about it and just came.

Unit 110 들었는데 잊어버렸어요. I heard it but forgot.

Unit 111 고장 같아요. It seems to be broken.

Unit 112 어떻게 되는데요? How is it not working?

Unit 113 고칠 있을까요? Can it be fixed?

Unit 114 내일 오후에 찾으러 오세요. Come for it tomorrow afternoon.

Unit 115 되면 집으로 갖다 주세요. Please have it sent to my house when it's done.

Unit 116 수리비가 많이 들까요? Will there be a lot of repair charges?

Unit 117 휴대폰 새로 샀어요? Did you buy a new mobile phone?

Unit 118 전화 있으면 빌려 주세요. Please let me use your phone if you have one.

Unit 119 지금 오천 원밖에 없는데요. Ive only got 5,000 won right now.

Unit 120 먹을 하나도 없어요. Theres not a thing to eat.

Unit 121 등산 오래 됐어. Its been a long time since Ive gone hiking.

Unit 122 내가 마시던 커피 봤어? Did you see the coffee I was drinking?

Unit 123 내일도 날씨가 좋을까? Will the weather be nice tomorrow, too?

Unit 124 나중에 먹을게. Ill eat later.

Unit 125 , 맛있겠다. Ooh, looks delicious.

Unit 126 잤어? Sleep well?

Unit 127 너무 서두르지 . Dont make haste.

Unit 128 친구 만나기로 했어. Im meeting a friend.

Unit 129 힘들었지만 재미있었어요. Its been difficult but fun.

Unit 130 그동안 가르쳐 주셔서 감사합니다. Thank you for teaching me all this time.






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