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-Korean Language Learners who have successfully achieved the learning objectivies of this textbook will be able to communicate in korean about common topics frequently addressed in daily contexts and public places.

-This textbook provides various practical assignments designed to improve the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills of korean language learners. 

 -The communication activities presented in the textbook are combined with linguistics components to simultaneously improve korean language learners ' fluency and accuracy.

-The learning contents and activities are designed to help adult korean language learners to effectively follow the course based on their individual cognitive abilities and learning strategies.

-The intercultural approach of this textbook provides korean language learners with a chance to learn 

about the daily lives of koreans in comparison to the learners' own lives. While comparing the practical examples of korean culture with their own cultures. Korean language learners can come to easily understand korean society and culture. 

Sejong Korean 1 consists of 12 units (10 Learning Units and 2 Review Units), 4 cultural units, and 1 preliminary unit wich presents *Korean and Hangeul, *Hangeul consonants and vowels, and * useful expressions respectively. Each unit introduces 15 to 25 vocabulary words  and the Textbook includes 268 words in total which are selected based on their frequency of use and level of difficulty in relation to the topics and communication activities of each unit. 

Each unit introduces 2 grammar points and the textbook includes 20 grammar points in total.



Let's Learn Korean

 자기소개-Unit 1: Self-Introductions

일상생활 -Unit 2:Daily Activities

 위치 -Unit 3:Locations and Positions

 한국인의 인사법 -Korean Culture  1 Greetings in Korea 

물건 사기 1-Unit 4: Shopping 1

물건 사기 2-Unit 5: Shopping 2

어제 일과 -Unit 6: Yesterday 's Activities 

한국의 화폐-Korean Culture 2 Korean currency

 날씨 -Unit 7: Weather

시간 -Unit 8: Time and Dates

약속 -Unit 9: Making an Appointment

한국의 사계절 -Korean Culture 3 The four seasons in Korea

주말 활동 -Unit 10: Weekend Activities

한국어 공부 -Unit 11: Learning Korean

계획 -Unit 12: Plans

한국의 주말 활동-Korean Culture 4 Weekend Activities in korea

Listening Scripts


Grammar Tips

Vocabulary Index


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188*257mm (B5)
365 g
king Sejong Institute

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