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1100 Short & Useful Korean Phrases For Beginners

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Learn 1,100 useful Korean phrases for beginners based on 100 commonly used sentence patterns For Beginners, with QR codes and  illustrations that will make your studying more fun.  



Quick Guide to Hangeul

How to Use This Book

Pattern 1~100

1100 Short & Useful Korean Phrases For Beginners includes 100 common sentence patterns that are essential for beginners and each pattern is accompanied by 11 example sentences. Learn 100 sentence patterns with 1,100 example sentences, QR codes, audio files and witty, cute illustrations!


Here are 5 tips about how to make the most of 1100 Short & Useful Korean Phrases For Beginners!

* Practice speaking the sentences repeatedly so that you can get familiar with each sentence pattern.

* Sentences written in Korean are arranged on the left side of a page and those in English are on the right side. We recommend you cover one of the two sides with a piece of paper or your hand and test your understanding!

* Study words with the index. In the index, you can find all the vocabulary words used! In fact, this book is also very useful to study words and practice making sentences with them.

* Use the QR codes! There is a QR code for each pattern with which you can check the native Korean speaker’s pronunciation easily. You can, of course, download all the audio files at

* The dorky 11th example sentence. Every 11th example sentence is a bonus one that will (hopefully) make you grin while studying. Look at the cute illustration attached to the 11th sentence! How could you not smile?


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