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  • 비타민-한국어-1-Vitamin-Korean-19788927731863

Vitamin Korean 1-비타민 한국어 1 with CD

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In Bilingual Edition : English & Korean. Speaking, listening, reading and writing, improving Korean is as a matter of course! Preparation for TOPIK is bonus!


Vitamin Korean 1 + CD is for beginners who are starting to learn korean language. 

About This Book

Speaking, listening, reading and writing, improving Korean is as a matter of course! Preparation for TOPIK is bonus!

* An integrated textbook that helps you improve Korean speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through functional activities in each language section

* Systematic and step-by-step Korean learning through activities by subject and unit studies

* Improving Korean language skills through learner-centered assignment activities in each unit.  

* In the Review section the most important feature  is  that learners can check their own language ability and prepare for TOPIK by classifying 

and presenting the TOPIK type questions according to the subject.


 머리말 -----------------2 -Preface

일러두기 ----------------4 -How to use this book

목차 -------------------8- Contents

교재 구성표 -------------------10 -Table of Contents

등장 인물 -------------------14 -Characters

 1장 한글 Chapter 1-Hangeul

1-1과 한글을 배워요 ①------------------- 16 -Let's Learn Hangul 

1-2과 한글을 배워요 ②------------------- 28- Let's Learn Hangul 

1-3과 한글을 배워요 ③------------------- 44- Let's Learn Hangul 

연습해 봅시다------------------- 58 -Let's Practice

문화------------------- 62-Culture

 2장 소개  Chapter 2 -introduction

2-1과 만나서 반갑습니다------------------- 64 -Nice to meet you

2-2과 저는 제인입니다------------------- 76 -I am Jane

2-3과 이 사람은 누구예요?------------------- 88- Who is this ?

정리------------------- 100- Let's review 

문화------------------- 110 -Culture

 3장 시간과 날짜 Chapter 3- Time and Date 

3-1과 몇 시에 일어나요?------------------- 112 -What time do you get up?

3-2과 오늘이 몇 월 며칠이에요?------------------- 124 -What is the date today?

3-3과 주말에 무엇을 했어요?------------------- 136 -What did you do on the weekend?

정리------------------- 148- Let's review 

문화------------------- 158-Culture

 4장 위치와 장소  Chapter 4 -Locations and Place

4-1과 가방 안에 책과 공책이 있어요------------------- 160 - There is a book and a notebook in the bag

4-2과 도서관에서 공부를 해요------------------- 172 -I study in the library

4-3과 오른쪽으로 가세요------------------- 184- Go to the right

정리------------------- 196- Let's review 

문화------------------- 206-Culture

 5장 미래  Chapter 5 -Feature

5-1과 산책을 할 거예요------------------- 208-I will take a walk

5-2과 영화를 보려고 해요------------------- 220- I'm going to see a movie

5-3과 여행을 가고 싶어요------------------- 232 - I want to go traveling

정리------------------- 244-Let's review 

문화------------------- -Culture

 부록 - Appendix

정답 ----------------------------------------256 Answers

듣기 대본 -------------------------------------264 Listening Scripts

한국어 문법 설명 -------------------------------------267 Grammar Explanations in korean

색인 -------------------------------------270 Index




Data sheet

Publication Year
188*257mm (B5)
532 g
Cho Jungsoon, Jun Hana, Ryu Jeongmin, Jeong Seonga

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